Friday, May 01, 2009

More girl drama!

First of all...its a girl! I wish I could say absolutely for certain that this baby is perfectly healthy. She is a mover and a shaker and it was hard for the tech to get good measurements. So, out of four fetal neucal mesurements one was slightly elevated so I am having the Alfa Fetal Protein test to hopefully definetively rule out down syndrome.
I am slightly worried..but since I saw how much she was moving and the levels weren't even that high I am not in total panic mode. It is going to stink waiting two weeks to find out and perhaps longer if more testing is needed but at the end of the day we love this little girl already...down syndrome or not!
Please pray that we would get through these next two weeks by leaning on our faith not our fears!


Hummel Family said...

Congrats on another GIRL!! Whoo-hoo! Little Caroline is about to grow up on you now. :) :) I know she will be a great BIG SIS. Matthew is already a pro at being a BIG BRO, so this will be a piece of cake for him. hee-hee!

I will be thinking of you and praying for you often during the next couple of weeks.


Jamie & Heather & Children said...

I had a feeling you were going to have a girl... I will pray for you these next few weeks for a peace of mind with all that is going on.

Holly said...

I will pray that all the test will be negative or wrong, and that you have a perfectly healthy little girl! CONGRATS :)