Saturday, May 09, 2009

Blessings abound

Last Friday night I went to a blessings shower for Jaime in Grand Rapids. It was about ten of us, just sharing what Jaime's friendship means to us and special Bible verses that we hope she finds comforting while she is going through this all with little Sam. It was needless to say incredibly emotional for all involved..especially Jaime. There were lots of moments that I was so overcome with the power of what it actually means to be a Christian to see how palpable Christ is always but especially when people truly need him. One of the most profound moments that I told Jaime about yesterday was when she was talking about how much Christ has grown her through this ordeal and how she is handling this so much different then when her dad was sick. To back up, two years ago, Jaime's father had to have a liver transplant. I didn't know Jaime until right after he had the transplant and I remember last summer we would often talk about his health, my mom's health and of course all the blogs of people I know and don't know. You could defintely sense a fear and a mistrust in Christ from the both of us!:) But on Friday night she said that when her dad was sick she would also be pleading with God during prayer "Please God, don't let him die" and now her prayers for Sam and this situation are "Please God, whatever your will is, I trust you but please don't leave me" She said there is such freedom in not being exhausted by feeling like you have to plead your case for Christ but to instead let Him carry you through..especially through the valleys!
Its interesting to me to be someone that is actually close to the person going through the valley/crisis. Before I have always been an aquaintance or an outsider looking in. But, with Jaime, we're close friends and neighbors, which has allowed me the privledge to have a closer look at what people actually go to on a day to day basis in situations like these. I will admit its a crappy situation. No one should have to deliver their little boy and then turn him over to surgeons two days later so he can have his chest opened up. We all know that our lives could end at any moment but to know that there is more of a likelyhood that your precious little boy may only be here days...yuck. One thing I know for sure is that I would never want to do it without a faith and more importingly FAITH in CHRIST. He does sustain us and give us all we need.
Please pray for Jaime and Sam on Monday..Sam's birthday! More importingly pray for Sam and his surgeons and the entire family on Thursday as he undergoes his first open heart surgery. Pray also specifically for their daughters Avery,6 and Makenna almost 4. That those of us, back here in Kalamazoo that will be taking care of them in these coming weeks have the right words and actions to keep them happy and occupied and not too stressed and anxious about this new life.

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Hummel Family said...

I am so glad you shared about the Blessings Shower! I kept thinking about it, wondering how it went. What a wonderful idea you and your friends did for Jamie. I KNOW that this meant so much to her. I don't even know the girl, but just from experience, its times like these (the shower) that make you feel like you are not alone. She will remember this SHOWER of BLESSINGS forever!

You are a great friend, Sue!!!!!!!!! I will be praying on Monday for little Sam and his whole entire family!