Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Babies on vents

On Tuesday I drove Makenna and Avery up to see Jaime and Steve. They had gone camping with Jaime's cousins and Jaime was really missing the girls. Plus, I selfishly wanted to see her:) I wasn't expecting to get to see Sam, but was able to not only see him but also touch his little hands and feet and stroke his little head. What I saw there at Mott's Children's Hospital was remarkable. The technology that they have for these little guys and girls is truly amazing. But, it was so very disturbing on so many levels to see several babies on vents and all sorts of wires. We're talking all newborns too. The weirdest thing about seeing Sam is that he looks, despite the wound from his open heart surgery, chest tube and vent, like Matthew or Caroline did when they were a week old. It just seems so very wrong I guess because it is. I have never been one to take my children's health for granted, I am way too morbid and paranoid to be like that. But, I definetly think I take my life and the freedoms I have for granted. Jaime and Steve are tied to this little guy indefinetly. They are taking turns holding vigil by his bedside, never daring for a moment to relax, for fear that something may go wrong. There was another mom there whose daughter, Lindsey is somewhat of a "hypoplastic left heart" celebrity in our town. She is a little over one and has had two surgeries but now needs a heart transplant. Her mom has been with her at Mott's for over a year. They have two other children at home too. The strains have to be enormous for these families.
As I drove home, I prayed for Sam. I prayed for strength both physically and emotionally for Jaime and Steve. I thanked God for be so evident to them in these past months and begged him for more:) Immeasurably more!

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Hummel Family said...

Yah, the hospital isn't always a fun place to be, but if you have a kid there, its the BEST place to be and you just do what you gotta do to keep moving along.

Oh, this precious family! I am still praying. Thanks for the update.