Saturday, January 26, 2008


Well, anohter weekend is coming to an end. I survived yet another Saturday without Jeff around and it went by pretty fast. Jeff and I then went to play our monthly euchre game with the neighbors, it was fun. This morning we went to church and a music ministry from Indiana Wesleyan was there. They were all freshman and sophomores in college and they looked SO young to me! When I mentioned this to Jeff he was quick to remind me that we graduated from college over 10 years ago! Am I really that old? They all gave little intros about themselves and I couldn't help but reevaluate my own college experience. I never even considered a Christian college. Not to say that if you go to a Christian college your free from temptation and poor choice making, but I have to think its much easier to be surrounded with people who believe what you believe and all the ministries available to you to thrive in your relationship with Christ.
We have decided to send Matthew to Kalamazoo Christian preschool next year. I can't believe how much it is for K-12. I wonder how people pay that kind of tuition, its equivilent to what a year at a state college would cost, for one child! But, I know that many people feel that is what God is calling them to do. I think he will love preschool.
Tonight, after the kids wake from their naps, we are taking them to Chuckie Cheese. Matthew was stuck inside all week from his own illness and then Carolines. Speaking of Miss Squeaky, she made it through the whole time in nursery! Yippee. Our good friends were working in there. We tease Mark, the husband that he has a way with the baby girls in our church. Caroline isn't the first little girl he has managed to keep happy and calm in there. It was nice to enjoy an entire service.
This week is busy between doctor appts for myself,ear tubes for Squeak on Weds, speech therapy for Matthew and playgroups we will hopefully have more fun than the last two weeks!
Enjoy your week..

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