Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tubies are in

Caroline's tubes went in yesterday morning without a hitch. She wasn't very happy in recovery but that was to be expected. That, in addition to the nurse who kept trying to talk to her, which only resulted in her screaming harder. I wanted to say,"Listen lady, I know you mean well but backoff she associates you with feeling crappy." She did calm down much quicker than I thought. They gave her two graham crackers which she held in her little chubby fists and wouldn't let go for anything. Jeff was off the whole day which was nice because she did have quite the whinney afternoon. Today she seems to be happy and hopefully on the road to healthier!
Last night my fellow Steering committee members from MOPS and I went over to a fellow mom's house to make NO HASSLE MEALS. Basically, its like Super Suppers but you do one of the prep jobs at your house and bring it with you and then you all work on different meals. I made five different meals plus five for my girlfriend in Lansing who is on bedrest. Her husband travels here and is picking them up tommorrow. It was alot of fun and now I have homemade meals at the ready!
Prayer request, the murder trial I have referenced is going on right now in Chicago. My mom called yesterday to say that our friend was traveling down to Chicago to support her son who is testifying today and tommorrow. Her son's name is Bob and he really needs our prayers. He has really declined mentally since this all occurred two years ago and really needs to feel the comfort and guidance of Christ. Thanks!


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Holly said...

Glad things went well w/the tubes!!!