Wednesday, January 02, 2008

TGI08(Thank goodness its 2008)

That is how I am feeling today. After enduring surgery and not being able to eat at just about the worst time of the year to do that, I couldn't be more happy that the holidays are over. I did survive, without too much grumbling. Of course Jeff would probably disagree with this. :) It was much harder at my parents then when I was at home. There was sooo much yummy food around and I found myself definetly feeling sorry for myself. Then I quickly reminded myself that this was my CHOICE and to suck it up! I also commented to everyone how much they eat! I am sure they loved this, but when you stop eating it really hits you how much eating the world does! I jokingly said that I wanted everyone to email me their holiday weight gain.
Happily for the first time in 32 years I am not dreading yet another diet plan. I am on a road to healthier living because I absolutely have to or my stomach will blow out. A little extreme yes, but I have realized over the last month that I consumed so many calories seemingly unaware. I was an unconscious eater for sure. I also feel like I am defintely addicted to the act of eating as this has really made me struggle the last few days. I miss chewing and just eating to my hearts content which usually meant overeating. It will be nice to chew again and feel content sooner and for longer.
Enough about that! The kids are recovering from the Christmas whirlwind. They had so much fun in Chicago. They loved having all their cousins around. Matthew was simply exhausted upon arriving home and fell asleep sitting on the couch. He went to bed at 6:30 and slept till 8! He woke up on New Years with a slight fever and runny nose but seems to be on the mend. Caroline is starting to talk more and more. She says mama, dada, this and that and I swear I heard her say Hi today too. She loves to antagonize her brother but I have to say he is pretty patient with her. They really enjoy playing together lately.
My mom is coming up tommorrow for a couple days so Christmas will soon only be a memory around here. Next week the schedule picks back up and we will be pretty busy again. Jeff also starts working his tax season job...yuck! That means that he will be gone three nights a week plus Saturday! Speaking of my hubby, he got a promotion!! He is now Financial reporting and budgeting manager! This job will give him alot of the experience that will open him up to future job possibilites! He is such a hard worker and deserves the recongnition! The extra cash won't be bad either! :)

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