Thursday, January 24, 2008

Stomach flu and 15 month olds

Yesterday was my MOPS day so Barb was here watching the kids. Since I am in charge of the childcare at my MOPS meetings, its just easier. When I got home I thought she seemed warm. She had a fever that despite motrin continued to climb. I thought or I guess I should say I hoped that it was an ear infection because I so badly didn't want her to be sick with the stomach flu. She didn't sleep all day and she was so listless that I ended up putting her to bed before 5. After I put Matthew down I went in to check on her and she had gotten sick ALL over her cribby and her! It was the saddest thing I have seen! Thank goodness Jeff had gotten home right then and helped me strip her and her bedding. I bathed her and brought her down to lay on me and as it turned out..puke on me 2 more times! Thank goodness for junkie towels!! We put her back down at 11 and he didn't get sick again. But, today she seems to be gripped with the same horrible stomach cramps Matty had earlier in the week. She has spent more than half the morning crying hysterically in alot of pain. Matthew is literally bouncing off the walls since he has been home for almost a week straight!
I called Jeff and pleaded with him to come home early so he can maybe entertain Matthew while I care for my little sicky. Poor litle girly!



Jeannie said...

Sue, thank you for your comments! They make me happy. First of all, BRAVO on your MOPS work. I have major love for any Mom doin' her share to help a MOPS group thrive. IT's a hard job, but rewarding, too.

Funny about your niece, that made me laugh. I'm just now coming out of my "dark place."

Glad you liked Propel! Isnt' it delicious. It's not Coke, but it will do, and it makes me feel so dawggone healthy when I'm drinkin' it. I also recommend the Kiwi-Strawberry.

Hope baby girl feels better soon!

Hummel Family said...

Awe, so sad! I hope the puking has stopped and I hope she sleeps good tonight.

NOT FUN!!!!!!!!!!

Holly said...

poor baby!!