Monday, January 14, 2008


I just have to blog about this...I love, love, love my new NANO Ipod. Its made me such a happy, happy girl. The iTunes store for me is like being a kid in a candy store. Downloading songs from days gone past. I have forgotten about a group that I loved in college called Jackopierce. They have one song in particular that I highly recommend for fellow nanoers called Vineyard. My playlist of downloads is about as random as can be which for those of you who keep up with this blog know is totally me!
I am off to try a new Bible study tonight, its a Beth Moore called "A women's heart". Its much more in depth than what I have been doing but I think I need a little more depth. Speaking of random, tonight one of my favorite shows are on..Jon and Kate plus 8. I love that show! I love Kate and Jon totally reminds me of Jeff.
Finally, Caroline's glasses came in the mail today. She was already in bed for the night but look for pictures tommorrow!

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