Thursday, January 17, 2008

More Squeaky issues

Poor Caroline can't catch a break! Yesterday after her nap I gave her some of those orange peanut butter crackers. She has had peanut butter before without incident. Soon after I saw that her lip was all swollen and then her left eye was all red and swollen. I gave her a dose of Bendryl and called the ped office and spoke with a nurse. It was about four o'clock so we had plenty of time to see if she had any difficulty breathing before bedtime. Thankfully, the Bendryl took effect within a 1/2
hour. Of course I checked on her during the night too to make sure she was ok.
So, this morning the nurse calls back to check on her and to let me know that the ped wants her to have a blood test for allergies and to go to an actual allergist and for us to pick up a script for epipen juniors incase she is ever exposed again b/c apparently with peanut allergies the reaction can just get worse and worse each exposure! That stinks!! I swear that little girl has been to more specialists than most adults.
We had a fun morning. We went to the mall for a haircut for Matthew, lunch and a carousle ride..Matty's favorite! Jeff is working hoo!

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