Monday, January 21, 2008

More sickness

Well my healthy boy seems to have caught some type of the stomach ickies that have been making there way through west Michigan! It all began early Sunday morning when he woke up and said "My tummy hurts mommy, take my tummy out." Too cute by the way! He layed low most of yesterday wanting to snuggle with me or lay on his "couch bed". I had a baby shower to go to last night but Jeff said he had a bit of an appetite and seemed that he may be on the mend. He slept all night but this morning was the punkiest I have ever seen him. Totally lathergic, glassy-eyed and listless. He slept for another hour on the couch and then did perk up a little. He ate some toast and water and his energy is slowly coming back. He hasn't thrown up and I hope it stays that way! I also hope Caroline dosen't get it! That little girl is on my list! We finally put her in "bedtime boot camp" which means she no longer gets a bottle ever, especially in the midst of the night and we don't go to her when she cries in the night anymore. It was just getting ridiculous! She is hanging tough though! She usually wakes up anywhere between 2-4 am and cries off and on for over and hour! Last night she woke up I was a little worried that she may have gotten sick herself so I sent Jeff in(she seems to be less dramatic for him!). She was fine but man was she miffed when he put her back down. Her cries seemed to say "GET BACK IN HERE MR!!!"
Moderately funny for 2 in the morning!

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Hummel Family said...

Oh, I hope your little man gets better sooon! Caislyn wasn't feeling good today either. She layed around all day long. Its kind of strange to not have her jumping all around the house.

We can relate with the 2-4 am cries. Jakobi is going through that right now! NOT FUN!!!!

Oh, by the way, your little darling looks adorable in her glasses! I am glad that is all going well.

Hope you are doing well. Can you eat real-live food yet? I, seriously, think about you a lot! Still praying.