Saturday, January 19, 2008

Its a blogging kind of day

That is how I am feeling today. Nothing on t.v right now and I forgot to blog about my answered prayers concerning my church issues. I went to a different church last Sunday and ironically they were just starting a series on "Just walk across the Room" a series Bill Hybels did at Willowcreek while we attended. They had a guest speaker from another church and he was an awesome speaker. It was interesting to see his take on what I remembered Bill having said a couple of years ago. I walked away feeling like I learned something valuable but didn't feel this overwhelming "This is where we should go" feeling. Not that I was expecting that. It surely takes more than one visit! But, all week, it was heavy on my heart, this conundrum! I was prayerful in seeking out what God wanted me to do as a next step. At my new Bible study on Monday, we had an excercise where we had to write down something that was heavy on our hearts down and I wrote "church" down. Then, on Weds morning, our assistant Pastor called to see how I "was". I said,"You mean physically? " Because I assumed he was calling b/c of my surgery. He said yes that and generally. I was literally walking out of my house so I asked if I could call him back. When I did, we had a great conversation where I disclosed alot of my frustrations and for once someone was accountable! I then candidly asked him if someone had told him what I was feeling and he said no that God had just layed it on his heart to call me! So,I took that as a sign to stick it out. I feel and for the record, Jeff also feels good with this decision! I really want to make it work there, it does feel like home in many ways. So we will see !



Hummel Family said...

Wow, isn't it amazing, how you can be going through something, and then someone calls to "check up"? And it all happens at a time when you really need that "check-up"!! I think that is GOD! He's so good that way. I'm glad you had a good conversation. It sounds like it helped you out.

I will be praying for you and your Church. I, too, can get very frustrated with things at Church. Somtimes you just want to SCREAM and say "Let's all get it together!!" But, then I always realize later, that this is a place I call HOME. These people are my family. No wonder we don't always get along, or disagree on this or that. These people have helped me through so many obstacles. Its not always fun-n-games, is it?

So glad you are feeling some peace!

Janine said...

Sue, I am glad you decided to stick it out. No church is perfect. I certainly have a soft spot for your church family. :-)

HP & Diane said...