Friday, January 11, 2008

Ho Hum

Today is rainy and damp and blah! The kids and I got out of the house for the first time in three days so that was good. We ran to the grocery store and to a friends house for a playdate. Matthew was so well behaved which is a nice change! Actually one of the other moms little girls was being a little stinker and I could tell she was really mortified. I tried to convey to her that I COMPLETLEY understand b/c that is me most days, feeling like my child is the worst behaved one of the bunch. But, I have to admit, it was nice to have a break from constant disciplining. Caroline is transitioning to the one nap a day thing which is so hard to get to it seems. She was pretty cranky when we left. Tonight I am going to see,"ATTONEMENT" with some girlfriends. I am excited to see it. Speaking of movies, if you have a chance to see "JUNO" go!! Its so good!! One of the best movies I have seen in a long while. Lots of witty banter! Tommorrow I have to get new tires for the Trailblazer, Jeff is working all day. Sunday, I think he is going to take Matthew to his first real movie, "The Pirates who don't do anything." I hope Matthew is ready, he keeps asking to see it and at home he can make it through a movie, so we will see. Jeff isn't so sure. I am trying to make sure he has concentrated daddy time since Jeff is gone so much during these months,Matthew really starts to act out. This morning he just layed next to Jeff in our bed and snuggled him..too cute. Have a good weekend!


Hummel Family said...

We're going through the 2 nap withdrawl. Although they sleep better and longer in the afternoon. When they were sleeping two naps, Maylee would only sleep 30-45 minutes in the afternoon. This now gives Cai and I time to be together, although most days I just want to go take a nap myself...but now Cai is not napping at all! That can be a good thing though, she now goes to bed without putting up a good fight. So,everyone is in bed sound asleep by 8pm! AWE, 8:00 is beautiful!!!

Hummel Family said...

Oh and I forgot to add: Burke and I were just talking about possiblt taking Cai to a movie. She can sit through a movie at home too.

Let us know how Matthew does.

Hummel Family said...
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Holly said...

I was just looking at going to the move Atonement...looks good! There's a few out that I want to go to, just have to find someone to take me :D
I'm probably gonna try to take Jaden and Asher to the veggie tales movie too. That will make movie 3 for J and 2 for Ash. Amazingly, they do really good! Hopefully Matthew will enjoy himself!!!