Saturday, January 05, 2008

Clean house

The whirlwind that is my mom was here for two days..Christmas is now a memory. Of course there is still the bare tree that Jeff needs to take down but who knows if he will ever do that...MR.PROCRASTINATOR! He assures me that it will be done tommorrow night. Matthew has been a crazy,wild, naughty boy the last two days. I am sure my mom thinks he is a horrible stinker! He gets so wound up if he can't get outside and run. I am thinking I am going to have to take him up to church at least once a week and let him run around the gym..or we will both go crazy! Thankfully, Jeff took him to his mom's house today for several hours and dinner. Matthew kept crying that he wanted Grandma Barb and we couldn't take it anymore!! She is the best grandma she always loves seeing her little guy! (at least she seems to!) Caroline and I enjoyed some alone time. She is such a little spit fire too! Her long awaited pediatric opthomologist apt is Monday in GR. I am looking forward to hopefully getting some answers from him on what to do about her little eye. My 2 week checkup with the surgeon and nutrionist is on Tuesday in GR too. I am feeling fine pretty much except all joy has been taken out of food. I actually dread it most of the time right now. I know this is short term and soon I will have variety again but right here in this moment with alot of nausea and freaking out that I am going to lose all my hair from lack of protein I am kind of grouchy. Jeff starts working his tax season job this week so he will be gone Tuesday-Saturday for about a month and then he works two week days and Saturdays from Mid-Feb till April. I hate it!! I so depend and cherish his help with the children. That damn Dave Ramsey and his debt reduction plans!:(

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