Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Beth Moore

I have started a new Bible Study by Beth Moore called, "A Women's Heart". Its about the Israelites wandering in the desert and the tabernacle. Its AMAZING!! I love listening to her and really feel like each week she is speaking directly to me. Many women have told me that her Bible studies are intensive and take a lot of time. I was in BSF for three years and that was equal to if not more work so it doesn't really bother me. One of things that she said last night that particuarly struck me was the symbolism of the manna that the Lord provided for the Israelites and the meanings behind it even in today's world. Beth said that the manna was available daily in the early morning and then it would evaporate. So they had to get up, physically go out of their tents and get it. She related that to how we need to be with our Lord, for our portion everyday. We can't think we can go to church on Sunday and store that for the whole week, it won't be enough. Just as the manna that the people took that was more than their portion began to rot, so will our spiritual lives. Another profound point that she made was how some people needed more than others but everyone had what they needed. Beth referenced a time when her good friend lost her year old to cancer and how Beth couldn't understand how she could get through it,how she could handle it with such grace. She said God kept bringing her back to the story about the manna and how He does provide grace based on your need. She was in awe of how her friend go continue to live and go on despite what she had suffered. She emphasized that a strong, daily faith will get you that grace and through those times.
I just want to shout out "AMEN SISTER!" over and over again during her lecture! I am so glad I followed God's prompting and have started attending this! If you have never experienced her I highly recommend her!
What else is new? I have now lost over 40 pounds. I am able to wear clothes that I couldn't wear since before I got married to Jeff..yipee. The eating part is still not the best. I am able to eat lunch meats now, tuna, chicken salad, eggs and crackers. But, I still look at eating like its such a chore! Its like I wake up and think.."Eesh, I have to eat, I am not hungry at all, what high protein food can I manage to choke down?" I have to say that I don't miss the guilt that was a daily part of my life when I ate poorly and then vowed to "be good" the next day. It will get easier over time and since the surgery I don't obsess over food which is glorious and so freeing.

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Holly said...

I've heard really good things about Beth Moore. I'd really like to do one of her studies one of these days!