Saturday, March 21, 2015

Caroline update

Not so long ago I wrote about the struggles our Caroline was having with self esteem. It has been eight months and I am happy to report Caroline is doing so much better. I think there are several things that have contributed towards her improvement. First of all, she began counseling and I think allowing her time to a time to vent her frustrations and process all her little mind was burdened with was huge. She loved Miss Laura, her therapist, and we almost immediately saw improvements. Secondly, Caroline began playing Kingdom soccer this Fall and she has become quite the little soccer player. Caroline's feisty spirit makes her a tough competitor. She has enjoyed getting to know the girls on her team and is one of the top scorers (can a mom brag a bit?!) Finally, Caroline has been blessed with the most amazing second grade teacher. Mrs. Barlow has poured self esteem and goodness into my sweet girl in so many ways. She appreciates Caroline's enthusiasm for school and genuinely enjoys being with Caroline. Words can never adequately express how grateful we are for the influence Mrs. Barlow has been in Caroline's life. Caroline continues to be strong willed and have a love/hate relationship with her sister which often causes angst in our house. We are continuously trying to teach the girls to effectively communicate and love each other.. Each day we all make mistakes and what I have tried to do is offer grace to the kids when they mess up because Lord knows this mom messes up all the time.
I have thought a lot about my own self-esteem issues the past few months. I know without a doubt that my insecurities about myself and lack of self-esteem have led me to some dark places. I want Caroline to embrace all that she is. I am hoping that if I can teach her to manage the parts of her personality that can cause her to struggle socially and emotionally that she will be a successful person. She certainly has the drive to accomplish anything she sets her mind to. I am so thankful that Caroline is happier and healthier today than she was in the Fall. Here's hoping we can continue to help shape our little spit fire's spirit and not break it!

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