Sunday, January 18, 2009

Freak in overdrive

That would pretty much describe me! God must just laugh at me as he watches from above. A week ago I was saying to Jeff.." I am so glad I am not pregnant. I couldn't take all that stress of worrying about it all again!" " I am so glad we're done...phew" Fast forward a week and here I am in the throws of full throttle anxiety. Please pray that I would just chill and realize that this is indeed one of those situations where I have NO control. Worrying for the next nine months is mind knows this but my heart already loves this baby very much and wishes it were September 10th and that part was over. Of course then I would be blogging about how I am obessesing over worrying that something will happen to him or her b/c they are out...

and the madness continues!

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