Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas be gone!

As I sit and type this it is indeed Christmas. We are in Chicago with my family. We woke up this morning at our house and the kids opened up all their presents. Matthew was so into it! It was really sweet. Caroline just kept wanting us to open up the Playdo she received and repedatedly kept screaming.."PLAYDO!!" Matthew was overwhelmed with joy with each and every present. He also got such a kick out of Santa eating the cookies and milk and the reindeer eating all the carrots we left.
Jeff and I had an enjoyable Christmas Eve. I decided to branch out from my families tradition of eating a homemade Italian feast on Xmas Eve(complete with homemade meatballs and sauce)for a heavy appetizer feast. Since my surgery, I can't really eat spaghetti anymore so that is what we did. Then I made Jeff watch "Its a Wonderful life" which he proceeded to verbally attack. How can you not like that movie??
I am in back in Portage now, at Kim and Wes's listening to them argue amongst themselves so its hard to focus. Actually, its only Jessica complaining that she can't go with the Youth group to Camp Barakel. I am going and looking foward to it. Its suppose to be an awesome camp...Jessica will be missing out:)
I de-Christmased the house today..except for the tree which will come down tommorrow! After Christmas, decorations only depress me! It has been a great season though..alot of fun at various parties and get togethers and no family fights! Tommorrow night for New Years Matthew and I are going to some friends in grand Rapids for the night. Jeff, who has been battling a sinus infection and upper respitory infection is staying home. Caroline has also been sick with a bad cough too so they aren't up for whooping it up! I am not sure how much "whooping" will be going on with 8 small children! It should be a fun time! Happy New Year!

My computer is still out of commission but should be fixed shortly!

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Hummel Family said...

Hey, I sure did miss you!!! I hope that computer gets fixed soon. What a BIG bummer. I promise to be careful on Facebook. I can't believe it messed your computer up!! How rude.

Glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas. Sounds like Matthew enjoyed it all. Caroline just wanted that play dough, Mom! :) Be happy you didn't have sick kiddos the whole day and rest of the week (and even into this week!!!)

Please know that you've been missed!!