Thursday, October 23, 2008

Who'd a thunk?

That Matthew would give up his pacies in one day!! I shouldn't be surprised! I mean we are talking about the kid who never crawled..just one day up and ran, the kid who was potty trained in two days, moved to a big boy bed with no issue and now, hopefully has given up his beloved pacies! I will fully admit that it was ME who was not ready to get rid of those puppies. When he gets out of control or is really tired, the pacies came in handy! But, it was really starting to be annoying how much he wanted them all the time! Not to mention the pressure from family members:) I mean the kid is so tall he looks like he is pushing five, so having not only one but usually three pacies with him did look pretty ridiculous!
Last night we got home a little late from church and we gave them both a bath and then Jeff and I took turns laying with him. He only asked once if he could have them and we reminded him that he had given them to Grandma Barb.(What he didn't know is that mommy took them back, just in case she couldn't do it:) We also reminded him that if he made it through the night he could get the "Pirates who don't do anything " movie. He said ok and a few moments later..out like a light!
I am sure we may have some more tough moments ahead. But, I made myself promise that if HE made it through one night then I would be fully committed..despite any future protests!
I just realized that the Simpsons now have no cribs, no highchairs and now no more babies....YEAH!!

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