Thursday, October 23, 2008

Who'd a thunk?

That Matthew would give up his pacies in one day!! I shouldn't be surprised! I mean we are talking about the kid who never crawled..just one day up and ran, the kid who was potty trained in two days, moved to a big boy bed with no issue and now, hopefully has given up his beloved pacies! I will fully admit that it was ME who was not ready to get rid of those puppies. When he gets out of control or is really tired, the pacies came in handy! But, it was really starting to be annoying how much he wanted them all the time! Not to mention the pressure from family members:) I mean the kid is so tall he looks like he is pushing five, so having not only one but usually three pacies with him did look pretty ridiculous!
Last night we got home a little late from church and we gave them both a bath and then Jeff and I took turns laying with him. He only asked once if he could have them and we reminded him that he had given them to Grandma Barb.(What he didn't know is that mommy took them back, just in case she couldn't do it:) We also reminded him that if he made it through the night he could get the "Pirates who don't do anything " movie. He said ok and a few moments later..out like a light!
I am sure we may have some more tough moments ahead. But, I made myself promise that if HE made it through one night then I would be fully committed..despite any future protests!
I just realized that the Simpsons now have no cribs, no highchairs and now no more babies....YEAH!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No Speech therapy for you!

Caroline did well at her assessment today. She is right on track which kind of surprised me but I guess in a good way! They will continue to montior her for the next year and I plan on taking her to playgroups that they offer as well. I am relieved because we're pretty busy right now and I don't know where we would fit it all in!
Just a quick update! I need to upload photos but I think most of you are my FB friends so you see my pics there..right?!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lovely weekend

I had a glorious..mostly kid free weekend. It all started Friday afternoon when I met some girlfriends from Chicago in New Buffalo. We had fun wine tasting and going out to dinner and hanging out with the crazy New Buffalo locals at the town "watering holes". It was very, very fun! Then on Saturday, I headed to my friend Carol's 40th birthday girls day and night away at her new cottage in Scotts. We had fun playing games, drinking wine and hot tubing! It was so nice to get away and relax with two different groups of great friends. I love having different groups of friends to hang out with...always a good time with girlfriends who just get you!
This week is busy for us! Its funny, Matthew must be use to always going some where because almost every night he will ask,"Where are we going tomorrow?" Its too cute! We have a MOPS meeting tommorrow, Caroline's speech assessment on Tuesday, MOPS on Wednesday and Bible study on Friday. I started a new one based on the "Fireproof" book. I am super excited! Have a good week!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Kids say the darndest things..

This morning I was showering while Caroline, who is officially two and officially out of her crib into a toddler bed and big brother Matthew were "playing" downstairs. I pretty much have the whole downstairs baracaded to one area since
those little devils will get into everything and anything! So, I am out and buck naked when I hear some commotion. I yell down to Matthew to have him tell me his usual, "She's fine!" but instead he says.."Momma..come see" I go down wrapped in a towel and see Caroline with the entire Sunday paper, ads and all thrown about the kitchen. I say, "Caroline...WHAT are you doing?" to which Matthew,in all seriousness replies, "She's recycling!" Gotta love those GREEN three year olds:)
Happy Monday!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Me..minus 140 lbs

I haven't really mentioned the whole weight loss thing in awhile. Its still going good and is the BEST thing I have ever done for myself! I love buying new clothes and feel great about myself. I love working out and feel addicted to it..a good thing. Here is recent pic of me all dressed up!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Like mother , like son...

Ok, so all you fellow bloggers know I can be a bit consumed with death and dying..apparently its genetic. Ever since Matthew saw "Lion King" in July he has been obsessed with the death scene between Scar and Musafa. He will literally play it all day. I ended up "banning" it from our home b/c of it. This has not derailed him very much. I told him when school was starting that I didn't want him playing "Lion King" at school and he looked at me with his big blue eyes and said,"Ok, but I can play Moses or Jonah?" I laughed to myself and thought.."Yes, go biblical..heck its a Christian school..they will love it!" :) So yesterday I wanted to see if he might like Annie, we tried it once at my sister's house and I thought he didn't really like it b/c he didn't seem to pay much attention. After about ten minutes he said " What happened to Annie's parents?" I said, " I am not sure" and then he looked at me very seriously and said,
"Yes you do, remember when we were at Aunt Jenn's and we were watching it with Claire and Patrick and they said it was b/c they died in a fire. Why aren't you telling me that? " I wanted to crack up laughing again but decided I would answer my three year old who was reasoning like a 10 year old with a 10 year old response. I said, " I didn't want to focus on that b/c then you'll obsess over that." He just shrugged and said, " I don't like this movie..can I watch LION KING?" and the battle continues!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Almost two...and acting like it!

Caroline will be two on Saturday. This little girl is a true blessing to everyone who knows her. Her contagious laugh, her adorable dimples and sweet personality make being her mommy mostly a joy. BUT, her very strong will, tendancy to whine(for several hours at a time)can sometimes make parenting her not so joyous. Today she decided to crawl out of her crib and then proceeded to lock herself in her room...thank goodness for wire hangers! I am REALLY not ready to have her out of the crib so I made a point of repeating the phrase "NO GETTING OUT OF YOUR CRIBBY! NO! Naughty!" as I put her to bed tonight. She just looked at me like, "Whatever lady!" Knowing our luck with her she will continue to climb out and break something! Please no!! All I can say is that she is going to make a wonderful teenager:)
More to come and pics too!