Saturday, August 02, 2008

To South Haven we go!

We're headed out shortly to our annual summer vacation to South Haven with Jeff's family. Our day has already gotten off to a wonderful walk to Hardings for donuts and coffee for mommy of course. Matthew was so cute on the way home he was holding my hand and said, " I love family walks." Another cute thing he said yesterday while playing outside with Jeff was "Daddy, your my best friend!" Of course when we got home from our idealistic "family" walk he threw a tantrum b/c he had to come inside and proceeded to be taken to his room kicking and screaming "Stupid, stupid daddy, your a butt!" These are his two favorite potty words as of late. It seems that once he realizes he is in trouble he goes all out and figures he might as well be REALLY naughty! AHHHHHHHHHH!
I am praying that the weather is nice and mommy and daddy stay patient and remember that we're blessed to have this opportunity to spend time together with our family and to NOT SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF! Oh no...I am sweating already! Is that bad?:))))
Have a good week!

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