Sunday, August 31, 2008


OK, I think I will continue but I think maybe only on a weekly basis. Partly b/c I don't always have tons to say but also because I am newly addicted to FACEBOOK! Seriously, its consuming and so much fun!
Anyways, we have had some recently busy days around here. Yesterday we had our good pals Rachael and Scott and their two small children who are almost the same ages as Matthew and Caroline,here for the day and night. A good time was had by all! We miss seeing them on a more regular basis. Today after they left Jeff and I crashed on the couch while Caroline napped and Matthew attempted to play quietly with his animals. Matthew ended up in our bed last night at mommy and daddy didn't get much sleep after that! :( He was suppose to be sleeping on the floor since his room was given up for the guests but he decided differently. After the snooze, Matthew and I went down to the neighbors to play in their pool. Then we came home and went for slurpees a newly developed and greatly loved tradition that has come about this summer. All four of us love them! Even little Caroline sits like a big girl and slurps away. I justify the sugar intake by thinking of it as "heavy work" for their mouths. This is not a made up term..children with sensory issues have to do heavy work and believe it or not, drinking thicker liquids through a straw counts! Yeah occupational therapy!
Tonight we may enjoy a bonfire with the neighbors or maybe I will just curl up on the couch and watch "The sound of music"! Tommorrow we have several househould chores to do but most likely we will just laze about enjoying the last day of "summer". Matty doesn't start school till next Tuesday but Caroline starts her Kindermusik class on Tuesday. I am really excited that I have her in something. She certainly has gotten the short end of the stick in comparison to big bro who by this point in his life, had taken several classes..ahh the life of the second child.
Last week I had my discussion group leader training with my MOPS group. I am leading a group and really looking forward to it. The theme this year is "Adventures in Mothering" which I really can relate to. I am really hoping to be a great leader who can really make the moms feel welcomed and listened to. I encourage any of you fellow moms out there on blog land who aren't in a MOPS and stay at home or are available on the days yours meets..GO!! You'll love it!
Well its dinner time and I have been down here way too long..happy Labor day!

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Sarah said...

I'm so glad you will still be blogging. I love reading your blog! You'll do a great job leading MOPS!