Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Run Matthew, run!

Hopefully one day Matthew's running skills will earn him big paychecks! Then, he can pay be back for all the anguish he is currently causing me! We have had two very naughty days from that little boy. He has taken to running to the top of our playset lately and screaming "NO!!" when I try and get him to come inside. It infuriates me to no end. He has also been terribly exhausted but won't lay down to go to sleep. Just when I think we're getting somewhere we have a week like this one is shaping up to be.
Again, thank goodness for Jeff. I seriously would die without him in my life! He is so instrumental to my sanity!
Ok, enough complaining. The rest of the week is pretty low key. This weekend is too. We may tackle the zoo in Battle Creek and on Mother's Day we're going to Jeff's sister for a bbq. We have nursery on Sunday......on Mother's day..no fair:)! Next Monday is my last Beth Moore Bible study. I am not enjoying this one as much as the last but the fellowship is still great. I hope to find something this summer to do in regards to that. I am thinking that I will go back to BSF in the fall though. I miss the format. I think I may have poached a few of my current attenders to come along too.!
Hope your having a fabulous week!
here is a picture of me and Jeff. We had no recent pictures so I have been taking more and more since I am not as repulsed by self portraits!

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Holly said...

you're looking good Sue! I understand the frustration w/little boys :D