Monday, May 26, 2008

In a moment

We have had a busy and fun filled Memorial Day weekend. On Saturday I got some much needed yard work done. Then at night we had Grandma Barb and Papa Bert over for dinner for her birthday. Matthew hadn't seen her in over a week and was overjoyed! Those two are pretty darn close! Yesterday we helped decorate our neighbor, Larry DeShazor's float for the Memorial Day Parade. Larry is running for State Rep and Jeff, Matthew and I we're part of his team in the parade. We left Caroline home with grandma which was a good thing b/c I am sure she never would have made it! Matthew loved throwing candy and saying "Hi" to everyone. It was a hot one out there but great excercise. Following the parade Larry and his wife hosted a bbq at their house. Matthew and Caroline both took long naps which allowed Jeff and I have to actually enjoy the bbq before having to chase and watch little ones.
Speaking of, my neighbor and good friend Jaime told me a story this morning that gave me shivers. Last night they we're in GR celebrating her brother's engagement at a pool party. To make a long story short, their youngest Makenna fell in the pool and plunged to the bottom. Thankfully her daddy saw this and bolted across the deck and jumped in..fully clothed mind you to save Makenna. She is fine but it just goes to show you how you can never be too careful with little ones around water. Makenna in all her 2.5 year old wisdom said to me today, "Sue, I drownded yesterday but daddy saved me." I gave her a big hug and kiss and gave her a big hug. I also reminded myself to being thankful to God for protecting her in that situation.
The rest of the week is pretty low key. Jeff and I are getting excited for our upcoming weekend to Chicago for our anniversary gift to ourselves. And, I can't forget that on Thursday our niece Jessica is graduating from high school!

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Sarah said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend. What a scary experience for Jamie, her husband, and her daughter. I'm glad everything is okay. Enjoy Chicago!