Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I love you best

Matthew said something yesterday that just melted my heart. For about the last year and a half I say to him (and Caroline) quite often, " Of all the little boys/girls in the world, I love you best." We've noticed that he is developing a pretty funny sense of humor and so sometimes when I ask him, "Who loves you best?" He will reply,"Not you,daddy!" and run away giggling. Well yesterday after Jeff bathed him and got him ready for bed he asked to come down and give me one last huggie. He hugged me and then layed his head on me for a long time and then looked up at me with his big, soulful blue eyes and said, "I wuv you best of all the mommies in the world." I nearly broke down like a baby. All the tough days and moments vanished within that one sentence..PRICELESS!


Holly said...

melted my heart just reading it, and it's not even my kid :) that's very much an "AWWWW" moment that you need to store away for when you're frustrated, at your whits end....our babies really do love us :D

Sarah said...

I can't wait to have a similar moment! Very sweet!

Hummel Family said...

how sweet! Made me tear up! Kids are the best, even when they act up, all in all, they really do LOVE us after all!

Sorry, I haven't been able to check blogs lately. I took the time to catch up tonight. Thanks for all the updates. And by the way, you LOOK GREAT!!!! Love seeing the pics of you. You look very happy. You seem very confident in your self. That's great!!!