Thursday, May 22, 2008

Caroline's eyes

Caroline had a three month follow up apt today at the pediatric opthamologist in Grand Rapids. She was very cooperative and he was able to get an even better look at her eyes. It seems that she is even MORE farsighted than he even first suspected in January, which means a change in her lenses. I inquired whether or not she will ever need surgery and he said it depends on many factors. Right now, when she is wearing her glasses, her eye never turns. But, if this changes she would end up needing surgery. She will however most likely always have to wear glasses. The farsightedness will improve some as she grows but he made it seem that she was most likely genetically predisposed to having poor vision. The change in prescription wasn't cheap..and it seems that next time she will need new frames as well. Oh well, we need to have her seeing! As we were leaving, I noticed a little baby girl who by the looks of it had several medical issues, her head was misshapened and she had a tube down her nose. I am thankful that all we were there for was a lazy eye and in the grand scheme of things..not too big of a deal.
In other news, please keep my mom and my family in your prayers as she had some CT scanning done today as a follow up from last years discovery of the lung nodules and fatty growth on her liver. They are just keeping an eye on both to make sure they haven't changed since six months ago. We're hopefully that everything is fine, but waiting for test results is always yucky. Also, Jeff's stepdad was hospitalized yesterday for diziness and nausea. They kept him over night and apparently he is having a stress test today. All preliminary tests have come back fine. But, he has been under the weather for several weeks now so I am sure he and Barb would like to figure out what the heck is wrong!! We're just laying low this weekend. Maybe doing some yard work and having Barb over to celebrate her birthday. Enjoy your long weekend!

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Sarah said...

I hope Bert is feeling better (didn't get an update at church). I finally started my personal blog. If you're interested... Have a great week.