Monday, February 11, 2008


Well, after a trecherous drive up to the big ol' GR in which I thought my husband might kill me because I kept pumping my "imaginery"breaks and saying, "They're breaking, they're breaking, slow down!" I had my procedure to check out my throat and new gut. It seems I don't have a stricture after all. I did have quite a bit of inflamation at the site of the staple line so he removed some of them. Apparently they dissolve on their own but he helped it out while he is there. He basically said it takes the stomach some time to retrain its self and that basically right now the muscle, which is what your stomach is entirely made up of, is freaking out. Mildly annoying b/c the PA's and nutrionists talk a different game and act completly horrified at the thought of how little I am able to eat. Bottom line: I must get more protein in, even if that means choking down the ol' shakes. Yuckaroo!
Oh well! The procedure itself went well, they gave me a nice sedative and then a drug that makes you completly forget what happened...spooky! I was pretty groggy when I awoke, my legs felt as if they were made of lead. I snoozed the whole way home and feel normal now. Busy week here in Simpson land. Doctors apt, MOPS, Valentines parties and kind of week! Enjoy yours!

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Hummel Family said...

Thanks for your updates. I love checking in on you!

Sounds like a busy week...but sounds like that's a good thing. I hope the SNOW didn't leave you stranded anywhere. We have atleast 6 inches here. AHHH! I love it though. (as long as I am not out in it!)