Saturday, February 02, 2008

I hate tax season

My mom always said you should never hate anything...ok, I really, really, really dislike tax season almost to the point of hate! hee hee! I use to say that to her all the time! Saturdays are a real struggle for me. The day drags on and on and my patience begins at about -9 so that isn't good for me or the kids! Today we went to Lowes to buy some new doorknobs. Our laundry room knob isn't opening and its a real pain b/c we keep it closed otherwise Caroline gets into things in there. That girl is obsessed with shoes. She just like collecting them and carrying them around. Anyways,Matthew is having a very off, naughty day so I should have known better than to venture out but sometimes I just need to get stuff done. I wish we could replace all our doorknobs,they are quite dated, but we will start with two and go from there. I had a giftcard that I thought had over $30 on it but apparently one of us used it b/c when I went to check out it only had a balance of $2! So, what I originally thought was going to cost$25 ended up costing over $50. Mr. Budget..aka Jeff will not pleased about this. He seems to think a little WD40 would have fixed it..whatever! Jeff is such a procrastinator when it comes to fixing and doing household stuff so I had to take matters into my own hands!
Tonight Jeff is going out with some friends. He needs to! That poor guy never gets out and working two jobs essentially right now has to get old. I have to remember that and not wollow in my own "poor me" attitude. There is nothing poor me about my life!!
Tommorrow we're going to a Super Bowel party. Matthew is going to help me make a chocolate cake..he loves helping. Its pretty cute.
Hope your enjoying your weekend!

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