Thursday, December 06, 2007

Say a prayer for me!

This is Caroline's request via mommy. I took her back again to the ped and her ears are no better. In spite of being on a new round of antibiodics, they just don't want to clear up! They switched her meds again and if that doesn't work she will have to go to the ENT for a tube consultation. Matthew got tubes in when he was 11 months and it honestly was the best thing for him. He is markedly healthier now. I just feel so bad for my little sweetie being sick for almost 2 months now. She cracks me up though because despite being sick she managed to gobble down an entire cheesburger and fries! She has such an appetite always!

Tommorrow I go to GR for a pre op appointment and Saturday the dreaded LIQUID DIET begins! I am going out with Jeff to his office work party and then out with some neighbors after that which should be a lot of fun. Saturday, me and a few friends are going shopping to GR. My plan is to get all my Christmas shopping done. I am running out of time!



Jamie & Heather & Children said...

Praying for you as you start your diet today!

Also praying Caroline will feel better very soon and have a healthy Christmas!

Holly said...

Poor thing! I remember going through that process w/Jaden...not fun!! *hugs*