Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More Jesus!

Matthew loves a good story. He is really into books and recently has started wanting to "read"them to himself. He is allowed to take a few books to bed with him and you can often find him thumbing through them late into the night..little stinker. Anyways, in the morning, he usually wakes up at 7:30, where as Caroline sleeps till 8, usually b/c she has been up at 4 for a bottle, but that is a post for another time:) We have "snuggle"time for about 15 minutes and Matthew usually takes this time to ask me questions. The usually ones are

Where Daddy go?
Me go downstairs?
Me wake Anna up?
Wheres my pacies?
But recently, I have been taking this special time when its just Matthew and me to tell him about the real reason we celebrate Christmas. A friend of mine and I were talking about how its really easy when your kids are little to get too sucked up into the "Santa"thing. Matthew definetly has been sucked in! We even have an elf, whose name is "Neil" who magically goes to the North Pole everynight to report on Matthew's behavior. Its a cute tradition based on a book called "ELF ON A SHELF" Matthew even picked the name Neil all by himself, which I found hysterical being its not a very common name nor do we know anyone named Neil! So here I am telling Matthew about God and choosing Mary and her and Joseph's travels to Bethelem. Then about the innkeeper and so on.. He was intrigued to say the least. He kept saying "More Jesus, more Jesus!" Its moments like that when I just want to freeze frame him right there in that moment, wanting nothing more than to learn about Jesus. Although he's not convinced on the whole heaven thing. I was trying to explain it in 2.5 year old terms and he said, "Me can't go to heaven, me sick, have a frog in my throat" Thats ok little far as I am concerned heaven can have you in 100 years!
In other kid news, Caroline is STILL fighting the ear infections. She is now on antibiodic shots for the next three days and will be going to the ENT! Please pray this clears so she will be 100% for daddy next week during surgery/recovery!
Here are some Simpson Christmas decoration pics !

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