Monday, December 17, 2007

Just one more time...

I finally have figured it out..that is how I look at eating, not eating, overeating..etc. I will admit that after I got weighed on Friday that was my first thought, that I could have a few more "illegal"items before the surgery. I am sure many of you are thinking how could I think that? But if you think about how you eat and then its all suddenly taken away, it drastically changes your perspective. I was naughty on Friday and had some breadsticks and then on Sat I was very good at our monthly card game but still nibbled on green peppers(no dip) and sme crackers. Sunday I threw down the gauntlet once again and am on the strict liquid diet. I can't take the guilt and dissapointment I feel in myself. I do very much feel like this is going to have to be a new way of life for me if its going to be successful long term. Yes, at first I will lose weight pretty much without even thinking, but if I keep my old habits of just one more time I will eat this or that. I will end up back to where I am now. I have to say one of my main motivations is to be healthier but also to give a great big silent.."HA!!" to all those people out there, some of them even friends who love to tell the stories about the people they know who gained the weight back. I feel like saying, "Oh, thanks for that inspiring story and the support!" It really just adds fuel to my weight lose fire and when I think about cheating I think of the "told you so" people and put it right back where it belongs..not in my mouth!
I have a long list of things to do this week for the holidays. I have more presents to buy, finish wrapping, get the kids stuff ready for their various weekend outings. I decided to be a nice wife and went to Meijer and bought Jeff and Matthew some goodies for the holiday. I got a ham and things to make cheesy potatoes for Christmas Eve and then for Christmas morning they will have a breakfast casserole and sweet rolls. Matthew and Jeff love both of them! So, they shouldn't starve!


wacquiejacquie said...


When I said that about the girl I know, I think her gaining weight is because of the problems she has had in the last year trying to stay pregnant. I hope you don't think that I hope you don't succeed. I hope you know I do hope you succeed, you are going into it with a better mindset than the people I know who have gone through the surgeries. You know it's going to have to be a lifestyle change, not something that's just going to get you through until the next time! Good luck again on Friday! I'll be thinking of you!

Janine said...

You are a good Mommy. I personally would send them off to Bob Evans. LOL You are going to loose the lbs. and keep it off. I can tell you are determined.