Monday, December 24, 2007

I'll be home for Christmas

Well, after the last post my discomfort continued. To the point where I couldn't stand up straight and I was vomiting. So,I had to go back to the ER in Grand Rapids. Once there I spent five hours in the ER on stong IV pain meds and anti nausea meds. It seems that when they put me to sleep, the put my bowels to sleep too and they weren't cooperating with waking up. This caused extreme pressure and hence the nausea and pain. I was readmitted and treated until this am and released this afternoon. I feel a TON better. Still sore but not like I wish I hadn't done the procedure, which is how I was feeling Saturday night as I was driving with Jeff back to GR. When we arrived in the ER, there were various drunknen DUI arrests and other ER type clientel. I was in so much pain and in no mood to wait. I think they thought I had an attitude,which I did. I was irritated that the nurse kind of made me feel like I should go home when I knew my body was telling me not too. If I am ever in the hospital again,I will follow my instincts! We're spending a quiet Christmas Eve with the kids, I did manange to get the ham and potatoes in! And, tommorrow it will just be the four of us until later in the afternoon when Jeff's mom and Bert and Kim, Wes, Jessica and Allison will join us for presents and more food! Its not bothering me at all b/c I am not hungry. Sure, I kind of miss eating, but not as much as I thought!
While I was in the hospital the second time,I was on a floor with some pretty sick people. It made me so thankful for my good health and abundant blessings. Enjoy your blessings!!

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