Monday, December 10, 2007

I miss chewing..

I am sure all those loyal readers out there in blogger land will soon tire of my "liquid diet" rants. I am blogging right now b/c Jeff and Matthew are eating dinner and I think I am in full fledge carb withdrawel. I miss chewing food but I have many more moons before I will chew again. Even after the surgery, its really liquid only, no bars or their version of "spaghetti" for 2 weeks and then around Jan 7th I will be able to start real food again. Its defintely increasing my faith. Each time I feel like I am going to crack I just keep saying to myself.."I can do all things through Christ, all things, all things..ALL THINGS!" I have to say even in these first few days I feel much healthier already. I usually get stomach upset from coffee and from eating crappy these past "last" weeks I had a lot of indegestion. I have had absolutely none since Sat. That is nice.
I have found some solace in decaf tea too. I actually think I prefer it to coffee.
I am just praying that I can enjoy my week, not fixate too much on this part and just keep my eye on the prize.


Hummel Family said...

I am praying for you!

Janine said...

Sue, I think you have the right attitude. YOU can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens you! I think that this is the perfect place for you to vent. Maybe your hubby would be willing to have liquid dinners with you for these next few weeks. ;-) Put it in fancy glasses and make it fun!

Holly said...

I did a liquid diet for only 3days, but I remember missing the chewing aspect. Can you chew gum? That helped me....GL!