Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Christmas without any food...

Remember that book, "The Christmas without any Santa Clause" or was it a movie? Anyways, I think I have finally discovered what I has been making me a little edgy, besides the kids, etc. I think that due to the circumstances of my surgery and its date I am already mourning the food that one traditionally celebrates with. In my family, it was a Italian spaghetti dinner on Christmas Eve and then on Christmas day a roast beef dinner with all the fixins. My mom abandons all dieting attempts during the week of Christmas and goes all out with cookies, fudge, chex mix, etc. Then there is all the parties from here until the 21st...TEMPTATION at its greatest, in my world anyhow.
So, I have been contemplating my addiction to food,which I think I can finally admit that I have. Its really COULD be hard, but I am really going to RELY on GOD to get me through this. If GOD helps people through losing jobs, homes, ability to walk, loss of spouses and children He surely can help me CONTROL myself and adhere to the yucko liquid diet. I am actually looking forward,a little bit, to enjoying the people, the stories and the meaning of the Christmas season. Tonight, as I decorated my tree and saw Matthew's excitment it served as a reminder that those memories that we're creating are so much more meaningful than any special food. When I took my special ornaments out of their respective boxes, the memories they stirred had nothing at all to do with eating. They represented people and places and stages in my life. I think I need a blender ornament for this year!!
Happy Festivus!(That is what my mom and I call it during decorating time!)

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Janine said...

It will be worth it in the end, Sue! As you are sipping your meals, remember why you are loosing this weight. Next year at this time you'll be grateful you stuck with it.