Sunday, July 22, 2007

Party Success

Well, we successful surprised mom for her birthday party! It went very smoothly and it was very fun. It was awesome seeing friends and especially family that we never see!! My mom wasn't 100% herself, but I think the party was a much needed distraction from all that has gone on this summer! She had her MRI on Friday and it came back inconclusive so she has to have an U/S tommorrow. If that is inconclusive they will just rescan her in 3 months! Please pray that it is conclusive and that its definetly ruled out as not cancer. She is on a pretty high dose of steroids but hasn't felt any difference yet, however its only been 3 days. I have to say that I just want it to be over or just know if its something bad like cancer. Not knowing is the worst.

My aunt and uncle are staying for a few days with my parents and I think this couldn't have come at a better time. It will serve as more of a distraction and she has no choice in it which at this point is what she needs. She has really been in a serious funk. I had a good chat with my dad about it on Friday and he really helped put me in a better place about it. Its just that I miss my mom...she seems not like herself at all. So, please pray for her health both physically, emotionally and spiritually!


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