Friday, July 27, 2007

Never google anything medical!

That is my advice to you parents out there! Of course after coming home from the doctor yesterday as soon as the kids went down I googled "no red eye reflex"..HUGE mistake! Of course there is nothing good that can come of that. It was all bad stuff..from cateracts to glaucoma to cancer. Then I was obsessing over every picture I have of Caroline checking for red eye. I do see it but it does look a little odd in some pictures. So, I tetered between being calm to really being worried and upset. Thankfully, Jeff came home a little early and his attitude always helps me calm down. He is like, "Why worry until you need to" Where I am always worst case scenario right away! Then this morning, I called the nurse to ask if the dr had seen a mass, would she have told me and in the middle of talking I just started bawling. I think it really had more to do with the combo of my mom's health and then this that sent me into becoming a blubbering mess. The nurse was so nice. She was like, "Oh you poor thing, its ok" and she reassured me that yes, that if she thought it was that she would have told me. But, I am still not completly convinced b/c of the urgency of me scheduling it. After a good cry, I have been fine all day. My sister and her kids stopped by on there way back from Detroit to Wisconsin and there is nothing like a sister to reassure you that all is well. This weekend should keep us busy. We are watching our friends little boy for the morning tommorrow and we have neighborhood euchre tommorrow night, church on Sunday and then I am taking my niece Jessica to the mall to buy makeup for her senior pics! I can't believe she is a senior! I love doing makeup so it should be fun! I will update Monday after the apt!



Janine said...

I know it's hard not to worry! I'd probably be doing the same thing, but in reality I am sure everything is just fine. I'll be praying that your weekend keeps you busy with fun stuff, and that on Monday all is well.

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking of you all weekend. I just want you to know I am praying for Caroline. I will be calling this week to see how you and Caroline are doing. We love ya, the Mills family (mark,mel&ry)