Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My kids in a nut shell

I was seeing on someone else's blog that they had a pic of their kids and a little update. Since I am failing miserably at keeping their scrapbooks or calendars up I think I am going to steal this idea!

Matthew: he is all boy, all movement, all the time!! He has a very curious spirit and loves to explore. He loves his daddy (and mommy) and especially his sister whom he calls "Anna". He loves to kiss her and sometimes he plays a little too rough and tries to sneak attack steam roll her. :( He loves going to church once we are there! When we drive up however he says "No, no!" I think he know mommy and daddy won't be with him! But, he has learn so much about God there and loves to pray. He is always remember Grandma..who he is obsessed with! He has a very special relationship with her!

He remains a great eater! His favorites are Cheese, apple juice, bean burritos, apples and of course chocolate!! This kid is obsessed with chocolate anything ...epecially ice cream!
His speech skills are really flourshing since starting speech therapy last January with his beloved Miss Karla! He loves her so much and is so excited to see her! He loves to say "In there" Me daddy do it, me daddy no bye bye, and pass for pacifier although through his lisp it sounds like he is swearing and we have gotten some looks!! He loves playing with our neighbors little girls, Avery and Makenna whom he calls "Me Guys":) All in all Matthew is a sweet little boy, who loves to read books at night with mommy and snuggle. He is wild and crazy and can really wear us out but we love him all the more!


Caroline is nine months old and such a sweetie! Its hard to believe she is the same baby who was so colicky only a few short months ago! She is light years ahead of her brother in the physical development as she was crawling at 7 months and pulling herself up at 8! She doesn't seem all that interested in walking right now! She loves to eat and I think if I let her, she would eat only real food. She loves fruit and veggie puffs! She is content almost always unless she is tired or hungry. She is a decent sleeper..finally sleeping through the night as of last week. She goes down at 6 and sleeps until 6:30 or 7am!! She is in love with her big brother and is very sympathetic to mommy and daddy when they have to deal with his crazy antics! She has been very healthy since her RSV this winter. Only occasional sniffles !She is a precious sweetie!

Pictures will follow...


Jamie & Heather said...

I know I am extremely behind in scrapbooking for my kids and my mother in law is a creative memories consultant! *wink*

I am glad Matthew is flourishing in speech for you. It's wonderful isn't it? Faith is doing well to with hers at school.

Your little girl is a cutie!! Saw the picture with her bangs cut. Cute!!

Anonymous said...


I was looking for a copy of an article I was in and ran across my name in your blog. My first reaction was it must be a joke some of my students are playing. Then I read through your blog and found out it wasn't a joke.

I feel really bad but...what was your maiden name? If you would like to write my e-mail is

Jason Gehoski