Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mom update 2

Well, my mom had her apt with the rheumatologist today and she thinks my mom does have dermatomyostis. Its a chronic connective tissue disease. She still has to have the MRI on her liver to make sure she only has the hamangeoma but she is pretty sure that is what it is. She will have to be on a relatively high does of steriods for the next month, that will hopefully help with her rash and muscle weakness which is getting bad again. I am in awe really that she is still doing as much as she is with her CPK so high. Some people would have gone into renal failure and she was still walking an hour and a half each day at its peak..she is one tough cookie! Her spirits seemed better today. I asked her if she felt better knowing what she had and she said yes and she just sounded better than she has in a long time. She has seemed really down. But , I think that is because she has been feeling super crappy and weak and hasn't felt like she could admit it!

Obviously we would wish that she wouldn't have anything chronic wrong with her and we don't want her to develop any of the scary things that can occur with dermatomyostis but she is confident in her doctor and of God to see her through it all!
I am more excited now for the party! I think she will be really touched by it! I will update Sunday on how it all went down! Have an amazing weekend!



Faith's Mommy said...

Will contiue to pray for your mom and your family....

Carrie said...

Still praying for your mom and hoping her party is a successful surprise!!