Friday, July 13, 2007

Family Camp fun

Just so you all know..yesterday I had an entire blog entry done and accidently deleted it....arrgh! Anyways, yesterday was a wonderful day for us..Matthew, Caroline and I went up to our church's family camp for the day. Kim and Wes are up there and we went swimming and just hung out. Matthew absolutely loved it!! He was very good!! One thing that made a huge difference was a HARNESS! Our friends lent it to us and its a LIFESAVER! If you have an escape artist child I highly reccomend it ! We stayed almost the entire day. Caroline was a little angel and slept in her stroller while Matthew and Kim and I explored camp. Matthew got a treat from the snack shop and we also road around in another friend's golfcart. He fell asleep as soon as he got in the car!

Today we had a playdate with our buddies Lauren and Jonah (and Carrie too!:) The kids had fun playing outside. He just went down for an early nap b/c he is pretty wiped out from yesterday and then he didn't fall asleep until almost 10pm last night. I think it being light out so late makes it difficult for him. I am very much looking forward to this weekend. Tonight I have a baby shower for a friend with a Hawain theme, should be fun! Then tommorrow Jeff and I are going to a wedding for a high school buddy of Jeff's. Many of our friends are also going to it and the best part is we are spending the we get to sleep in!! We are also going to visit my hometown of Midland! I know Jeff is excited for that..not!:)

Still no word on my mom's CT keep praying!!



Carrie said...

Today was fun...thanks, I needed a fun day...think you kinda knew that though! The kids had a great time too! Playing with Jamie and her kids was a great addition to our play day! Thanks Sue, Matthew, and Caroline! We're praying for you mom and you.

Dan & Sarah said...

Midland isn't so bad! Dow Gardens is awesome! Glad you enjoyed family camp. We're continuing to pray for your mom.

Sarah L.