Friday, July 06, 2007

Crazy man loose in Hardings!

Ok..Matthew is either going to kill me with his recklessness/insane behavior or drive me to become a heavy drinker by noon! We tried again, to go to the Farmers Market. It was closed..this is the second time this has happened to me. I have no idea why..they are suppose to be open Thur,Fri and Sat! So, then I took him and Caroline to the Hardings by our house to pick up a few things. Now, for the record I will say that I was thinking.."Don't do it. Just take him home and leave him with Jamie", (our neighbor next door who Matthew adores). Well, I didn't listen and went in and in the time it took for me to let go of his little hand to put Caroline in the cart..he sprinted off through the stock room. So I am left saying.."Matthew, Matthew" and not sure what the heck I am to do with Caroline who is sitting calmly in the cart looking at me as if to say.."Again?!" Then of course it took like five people and almost five minutes to find him. I was a little panicky but no massive freak outs like the neighborhood missing Matthew incident. I think as it happens more and more I am becoming desensitized!
Finally, a bagger said,"Miss does your little boy have blond hair and is he wearing a CUBS shirt?"
"Yes" "
"He is the in the produce section."
There he was clear across the store, holding a green pepper as if to say"Look mom, veggies for you."
He then saw my face and was aware he was in trouble and started to cry. It really is a good thing he is so cute!

I should have a caringpage link to my friend Jamie's dad, Andy who I asked for prayer for yesterday. He is doing better but keep those prayers coming! Also, my friend had her baby! Ava Catherine was born on Monday! She does have some pretty signifigant jandice so they are keeping her a little longer but other than that all is well! Thank you God! What a blessing!

I miss comments. I was doing so good for awhile! Where did all the people go?



Faith's Mommy said...


Have you ever tried a harness? I found them in the baby aisle at Walmart. They were red with a picture of Elmo on them...

It kind of looks like you are walking a dog!! But I tell you what it has saved me some stress of Faith taking of one way and Elijah another!! Plus it gives them like 2ft or so of freedom to walk but you have the end in you hand...

Sesame Street makes it and it is in the safety aisle with the baby stuff...

Holly said...

Heather, that's a really good idea! I have one, though I haven't used it since he was really little. Jaden is usually pretty good at staying w/me, but it is handy to have around and would probably benefit you a lot Sue.