Thursday, July 26, 2007


Well, its never a dull moment in the Simpson household! I took Caroline for her nine month checkup today. Everything was going well until they checked her eyes and couldn't see the red eye reflex. So, she said that I need to take her to an opthamologist and within the week. The doctor they wanted to send me to was unavailable until August 6th when we will be in South Haven on vacation plus I can't stand to wait that long..I am so worried something is really wrong. Even though so many people are saying its probably nothing! Of course I googled it and now I am freaking out that its something really bad! Hopefully, she just couldn't see it b/c she is such a wiggle worm! The doctor we saw is very I am just thinking that is all there is to it. But, in light of all my mom has been through lately, I can take any more what ifs! So, her apt is Monday at 11...please pray that we find out all is well with our little sweetie!



shellyrbuck said...

Worrying about your kids is the worst!!! Know that we are praying for little Caroline and for you as well. We will pray that all is well with her eyes and that you can feel some peace in regards to this whole thing! Hope you're doing well!

Holly said...

I hope they find everything to be ok!!