Thursday, July 05, 2007

the 4th and more

Happy Belated 4th! The Simpsons had a fine time of Americana fun. We started Tuesday night decorating Matt's wagon for the neighborhood parade. Actually, he watched mommy decorate his wagon! Jeff took him while I stayed back with a sleeping Caroline. It was hysterical watching them come by b/c it was more like a marathon than a parade..when Jeff got home he was drenced in sweat! Then we went to Schoolcraft with Kim,Wes and Allison and our friends the Evans. That parade was a little bit of a snooze but Matthew was pretty good. We went home afterwards where the entire family went down for a nap and then headed to a bbq across the street. Matthew LOVED every minute of it..running around playing with the big kids! He made daddy fish out balls of the neighboors perenial garden and there was a weed in there called "needles" and the title pretty much tells you what coming in contact with it feels like. So, his whole right leg was burning and he had to go home and shower and put some Bendryl on it. Poor baby!:( Finally, Jeff and Matthew topped off the night with fireworks! Jeff said they kind of stunk, but Matthew enjoyed himself! He went to bed at 11:00 which is I think the latest that child has ever seen. He slept in a bit..8am and has been in pretty good spirits so far!

Please keep my friend Jamie's dad in your prayers. His name is Andrew..he had a liver transplant in the fall and had three hernias that where the size of cantalope removed on Monday in Indy. He is doing well, but has a slight fever and isn't able to eat so its slowing down the whole process of recovery and getting him home to GR! Please pray for the families peace and reassurance too!


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