Sunday, May 27, 2007

The power of testimony

Today at church a women and her husband gave their testimony that I think is in my top five most impacting testimonies I have yet to hear. She honestly admitted that she embezelled money from her company due to a gambling addiction and next weekend she is on her way to W Virgina to begin an 18 month prision! She went on to talk about God's grace, her husband's grace and redemption that only comes through a relationship with Christ. In light of what my family friend is going through as well as a little over ten years ago my dad's secretary, who also was a good friend did the same thing to the company my dad worked for, I felt it was so powerful to hear the "other side" and see her regret and accountability. It also made me loathe gambling all the more.

This weekend has been damp and dreary and I have been mulling over some issues within myself. We almost missed church today for various reasons and I am so glad that we resisted that urge to take the easier road and stay at home and ventured out to be there to hear her story. It takes alot to be so open and vunerable..I give her and her husband alot of credit!


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Holly said...

I wish I would have heard it! I was at the desk 1st service and in nursery 2nd service :( I definitely commend her for her courage and honesty!!