Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Crazy freak on the block

That is what my neighbors are calling me tonight. Awhile back you may have all remembered me freaking out b/c Matthew snuck away at church and we couldn't find him. Well, today he did that...but OUTSIDE!! I seriously turned my head for maybe 2 secs and there were 2 other moms standing right there and then he was gone. One of the moms was new to the neighborhood and speaks mostly French..I wonder how you say crazy in French. The panic didn't happen till minute 2 and then...excuse the language but all hell broke loose in my mind. All I could imagine was that he had run up the street and was on the busy street that crazy highschoolers speed down. We had like five neighbors looking and one almost called the police. Finally, we found him down dive houses on a deck, just standing there, quiet as a mouse!! I couldn't decide if I should hug him or spank him!

The funniest part was that when Jeff came home shortly after he was found, I was saying, "Tell Daddy what you did" and he just looked forlorn and then I said you scared mommy and he just stood there and started MOCK screaming. Like he was trying to say.."She's nuts!" I swear that child will be the death of me! Seriously, it was a horrible feeling. I can't imagine how people whose children are kidnapped go on living it would be unbearable!

In other news our computer crashed today and after troubleshooting with a helpful El Salvadorian(is there such a thing?) and a completely wiped out hard drive, which caused my husband to lose all of his tax returns( yes, I did tell him to back it up but Mr. Do it later never did!) I am pooped off to bed!


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