Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Aunt Ruth

Jeff's aunt died last week and her funeral was on Tuesday in Grand Rapids. I know it sounds weird to say but it was the best funeral I have ever been to. Ruth was Jeff's dad's sister. She was the last of the Simpsons from Jeff's father. For those of you who don't know Jeff's dad died of a massive heart attack when he was just eleven. His Aunt Ruth and Uncle Jack hold a special place in his heart. He has very fond memories of spending time with them growing up and at their cabin up in Baldwin. Jeff and I also took a trip to their winter place in the Florida Keys back in 2000. They were and are the nicest people.

Like many funerals you get to catch up with people you never see unless someone gets married or dies. The funeral itself was so beautiful, such a tribute to a wonderful, practical, warm women who left quite a legacy. As I sat there I thought this is the way to live a life. Be married to someone your crazy about for 53 years, have four smart, wonderful kids who have all found success in their lives and go peaceful home to Christ on your terms.

After the service we went back to Uncle Jack's and sat around and heard lots of stories about Jeff's dad and mom as youngsters and their dating years and of Jeff and his sister's growing up and good times with the Hornbachs. Jeff isn't very sentimental but I know he loves hearing stories about his dad. When your 11 when your dad dies, unfortunately alot of memories get lost. Thankfully, he had wonderful people like Ruth and Jack to keep Roger's memory alive and to create new memories with him. Like driving straight thru to Boston in the summer of 1987 where apparently Jeff terrorized Kim and Jenny, to fun fishing times up at the cabin. Lots of good times! I know Jeff and his family will miss Aunt Ruth!

In other news, we are off to Chicago for a long weekend, Jeff has a bachelor party Fri night and the kids and I are going to my parents! Have a good weekend!



Holly said...

have fun on your long wkend!

AuntieCarm said...

Hi Susan,

I just checked out your blog, it is very cool. It is wonderful to have some insight into your life. I always remember that when we came to visit your parents you were very loving and forgiving of other people. That to me is a sign of a Christian, one who can forgive. Your account of Aunt Ruth is lovely. No, we had no idea that Jeff lost his dad at such an early age. I am so sorry for his loss of his dad and aunt, who he loved.

Hummel Family said...

Susan, I will need your email address sometime, this is the only way I can invite you to our blog once we go private...we will be doing that sometime next week...I just wanted the word to get out today.

Scary stories: stealing baby pictures off blogs and making their own blog pretending these babies are their babies! Make sense?

There's been children abducted, due to content in family blogs and easy "entry access" due to the pictures of the blog owners home. That was enough to scare me.

Thanks for understanding...I hope you will stay with us. I always enjoy your comments.

Praying for your sorry to hear of your loss. What a beautiful funeral.