Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Oh the places you'll go!

I love that book and have been reading it to Matthew almost every night. Sometimes he wants to stop half way through and I will distract him and keep going. I received like 5 copies when I graduated from high school and its not till this point in my life that I "get it". I was thinking about certain parts of it last night because it was the anniversary of my grandma's death today and that book is full of wisdom that she basically shared with me. Sometimes when I am reading it I can't help but think about what Matthew and Caroline may have to face in their futures. What challenges, what "cross" will they bear, what choices will they make, will they get stuck in the waiting place? or find the bright places where the boom bands are playing?, will they play lonely games because they will play against themselves? I pray not, one thing that is great for me in this "infant, rocking stage" is I have alot of time for concentrated prayer time. I have to remember to always pray for my children and their futures! Sometimes, it seems like with all there is to do, my quiet times are the first to go..Not Good!

Random blogging...gotta love it!


Sunday, October 29, 2006

Getting into our groove

Well, Caroline has been here for 17 days and I think we're getting into our own groove. Last Monday was really hard, my mom had gone home, Jeff was at work and here I was,all alone with my kids and I had to do it by myself. But, I realized I am pretty resourceful and its not that bad. Yes, there were times when Caroline had to cry it out for a few minutes while I finished getting Matthew's lunch or changing his diaper but she survived! I am starting to see a personality in Caroline, she is not extremly calm or fussy, she just has moments in between if that makes sense. She is the gassiest baby I have ever seen and let me tell you its hard to believe that a little 10 pound baby can omit such stinkiness! Its killer!! I am always telling her that she is not very lady like. She has this cry when she is super fed up that sounds like she is just so mad,its cute. She is very alert and strong, the doctor said she was stronger than most 3 month old, she likes being on her tummy and sleeps in her carseat as a result, mommy won't let her be on her tummy. She is sleeping 4-5 at a stretch at night, not bad, not bad at all. I love her more and more each day and feel like she has been a part of us forever, funny how that works!

Matthew, oh Matthew. He is still adjusting, still throwing, still hitting. We took him to Chuckie Cheese on Sat, he loved it and was so cute. But, when we left he had a major meltdown/temper tantrum, man did we get the looks. I laughed to myself thinking, "So much for special attention making this naughtiness go away!" I have finally surrendered to the fact that it might take more than 3 weeks for this to all shake out. I think the fact that he can't talk to us really frustrates him, and I am worried about his delay in speech. He really seems to struggle to say words and so he's being evaluated next Monday. You can tell he understands and he signs with us all the time, but even the words he knows are not understandable. Its like he thinks random sounds are words. Like for duck, he says, ahhhhuck. Hopefully the speech therapist will have some tips, insights on how to help him communicate more effectively. I think it would help us all out!

Jeff and I are doing good in this transition. Once again, he is so helpful. Like,this am, he took Matt downstairs and Caroline and I slept in till 9:30! Of course he wakes up like 5 times a night thinking Caroline is trapped in our bed, so annoying. I have to keep saying, "Jeff, Jeff, wake up, she is in her bassinet!" We could never cosleep, Jeff would definetly have a heartattack!

I am just trying to enjoy this baby stage, the potato sack wearing, sleep through anything, smooshy face, cross eyed phase of Caroline's life, because although we never say never in the Simpson family, I am pretty sure Caroline is our last child and I know that sooner than later she will be a toddler and I will miss her like she is now. This is the mantra I repeat to myself over and over at 4 am when little Miss is "squeaking" and I can barely keep my eyes open!


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I have 2 Kids!?


Well, I have almost offically made it one week! Its gone pretty well, Matthew is adjusting....SLOWLY! He is defintely acting out, throwing things, hitting, not listening. That has been the hardest part. I can honestly say with the "duties" that come with having an infant, like getting up alot at night, breastfeeding till your boobs feel like they are going to fall off, I know TMI, being tired, its all worth it when you hold that warm little body close to you and think of all that had to go right to get them there. What a miracle! I probably sound like a total sap, but with all I have heard from my friend's sister whose baby girl Avery became an angel before she ever made it here on earth to the Hummel triplets, (Blog Stalking:), to little baby Cameron who is doing so well despite all he has faced, I am just so thankful to have my beautiful, healthy baby girl here, just as I am sure all of the babies mentioned above parents are grateful that God chose them for parents of their miracles.

My mom will be here till Sat and I know I will have moments of complete chaos after that, but today I reminded myself that its a season, that it won't last forever, and there are so many more parts of this baby time that I wll miss when this season has passed, so I might as well just enjoy it for what it is...and yes, sometimes that means, just making it till the end of the day when DADDY comes home!!


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sweet Caroline

Hello all,

I made it!! Caroline arrived as scheduled on October 12, 2006 at 11:49am. She is such a doll, with lots of brown hair. Very sweet disposition thus far,champion breastfeeder, good sleeper, up every 3-4 hours for some grub then back to sleep. We came home this morning and its been pretty good. Matthew is definetly going through some adjustments, very moody and not as gentle as we would like but we know that will take time. I think he is just majorly confused and a little like,"Ahh, what the heck is this baby doing, I like the picture of Caroline better than the real thing!:) My mom will be here all week and that will be a huge help.

Jeff was a trooper and stayed all three nights with me at the hospital. We're both tired but feeling just extremly blessed to have two beautiful, healthy children. Our cups runneth over!

Here are some pics!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The night before Caroline and all through the house...


I know, I know I said I wouldn't post again, but I am going STIR CRAZY!! It all started this morning at 5am when I was obsessing that she wasn't moving enough. The last couple days I have been really neurotic about that. I just want her out, to see that she is ok, I don't know why I have such a need for that this time. I think its because I still can't believe that tommorrow I am having a baby! My pregnancy went so fast. As anxious as I am for her arrival, I am also sad that I most likely won't be pregnant again and am trying to treasure every last pregnant moment, even the many night time trips to the bathroom:)

I am also posting to let you all know that if you want the quickest glimpse of Caroline got to www.borgess.com and click on virtual nursery and then go to 10/12 and click on her name. It takes them a few days though, but most likely will be quicker than us. Speaking of that, I said earlier that my mom was bringing their camera so our pics would be better. Well, I forgot that my mom is completly computer illiterate and she thought their cord that allows you to download the pics on the computer was only compatiable with her computer...too funny! So, we will be taking the same crappy pics with our video camera...oh well! I still crack up at her thinking that, kind of cute! :) She has been a lifesaver once again, she made me my favorite dinner tonight. Right now I am trying to convince Jeff to go get my a chocolate shake..somehow the Tigers game has more of a hold than his pregnant wife's cravings!

That's all for now!


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

pictures..at last

Here are some pictures, albeit crappy ones. We're getting a digital camera for Christmas and I can't wait! I hate using the video camera for stills because the quality is not there! My parents are bringing their camera so Caroline's first pics will be better!

Anyways, here are pics of both Matthew and Caroline's room and some pics of Mr. Matthew. Caroline's room currently has a queen sized bed in it as well for when my parents are here. But then it will be gone! Much to Jeff's dismay because

This is my last post before the big day...stay tuned for CAROLINE!:)))

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Its October!!


When I found out I was pregnant in February, October seemed like such a far off time....its here! I went to the doctor today and she checked me, my cervix is thinned out but no dialation,so I think I am a go for next Thursday. Totally weird to know that definetly a week from Thursday that we will have a daughter! Last night as I was sleeping through another night of thunderstorms, I woke up thinking a bug was on me, its was Caroline kicking me so hard. She was going strong last night which is good because I have let my mind go to the "dark" side the last few days. I think its because my friend's baby died at 38 weeks and even though you know statistically that it most likely won't happen, when you know someone it happened to you can go there very easily. Thankfully, I put it on my prayer request at BSF and also with some prayer buddies and have been much more at ease since then. Darn, I thought I would make it without any major crying jags, but I had one of Sunday. I think it was mostly hormonal..at least that is my story and I am sticking to it.

In unrelated news, does anyone watch GREY'S ANATOMY and ER?? I can't take them being on the same night...TOO MUCH DRAMA!!! I feel drained by 11! I have been happy with both shows thus far. Tommorrow is the season premire of LOST, yipeee!! Ooops, I have to go Gilmore Girls is on soon, I know, I know I must get a life!!:)

We finally got a new camera charger so I will be posting some recent pics of the big brother to be hopefully before Caroline arrives and not to worry I won't wait too long to post baby pics, sorry Shelly no lap tops!!