Wednesday, March 01, 2017


I haven't posted since New Year's Eve! Time has flown it seems in the past two months! The weather has been strange ,but nice! Mild! I know that says something larger about the state of our climate and its decline, but it is easy to push that out of your mind when you're basking in 60 degrees in February!
We have a had a pretty good season thus far. Life is keeping us busy with sports. Matthew's hockey team has suffered some tough losses after a winning first part of the season. It has been interesting to help him navigate his feelings surrounding this new world of maturing he's in. Matthew has turned into our serious, never wanting to do anything wrong, sometimes overly anxious kid. What I love about him though is he talks to me about it all. I want to soak this up because I know it could all go to hell in a hand basket next year. He's such a thoughtful kid. An old soul and so much like me in so many ways. I try and encourage him to just live and follow his instincts because they are pretty darn good and I want him to learn to trust them! He knows what is good and right and I believe that he will make his way in middle school and beyond! Speaking  of that, I can hardly believe this kid is done with grade school! It really does seem like he was just born! Mom's of littles believe me flies!! I called moms like me LIARS ,but there was so much truth in their words! Caroline is plugging away in 4th grade! She has grown so much this year! Both emotionally and physically! I swear she might end up to be 6 feet tall! I realized this past teacher conference that she was struggling some in math and I found myself shocked! I am realizing that just when I think I have my sweet girl figured out, I don't. I am trying to take my time and be more thoughtful in my approach with my middle girl. She has so many gifts and talents to offer the world. I love watching her discover who she is! Speaking of her talents, Caroline is becoming one talented soccer player! Ellie has come into her own this past few months. Confident. She finally stopped pushing against her "repeat year", and has embraced it with gusto. She is definitely a third born youngest. Sometimes a rule follower, sometimes a rebel, but always a snuggler which gets mom and dad hook, line,and sinker almost every time! Ellie is chatty, and I love having time alone with her to discuss various topics and to listen to her interpretation on things she  has discovered in her world. I feel like I am the most patient with her sometimes, and that makes me sad because really, I need to treasure every stage that my three kids are in and show patience and grace to all of them in the the ways they individually need . It seems to be easiest with the little one though as it seems so final. Oh, the lessons that parenting continues to teach me. is hard lately. Lots of demands.  Many opportunities have come my way and that is exciting. Largely work is good ,but some of my interactions are very difficult. I will see it though because I am realizing more and more  through the adversity that I love the actual work. Helping those with  chronic and life limiting disease is what makes me get up in the morning. It is an honor and the rest, well, it's all just noise that I must learn to tune out to do the important work I am so fortunate to be able to do.
Jeff and I are coming up on fourteen years of marriage this April. This year has been so good and sweet after a difficult season. I appreciate and love him more and more. Small group continues to ground us, the Lord continues to stretch  and bless us. Life, on March 1, 2017 is pretty darn sweet.

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