Thursday, March 09, 2017

March 7, 2017

This day will forever more be my beginning. The day when my husband died, and only by the Grace of God was brought back. This is my truth. This is his truth. We will never back down from this truth as we feel very strongly God has a purpose  for sparing Jeff. There are so many stories of God's grace in his survival. My master's education and experience that gave me the intuition that something was very wrong . The PCA that has worked at Borgess for over ten years and I believe gave Jeff the best CPR.  The doctor that knew that TPA was the only solution. Jeff's heart coming out of a rhythm that was crazy, all God. I'll never stop giving Him the glory. We have a long road of recovery ahead of us but I don't care for one minute. I have my Jeffy. My kids have their beloved dad. Jeff is the best  person I have ever known. The guy seriously has no enemies. Sometimes a procrastinator, sure! But a good guy...ALWAYS. It is the reason I chased him so fiercely. I knew Jeffrey Arthur Simpson was something special! He has a road of recovery ahead and I will be by his side every step of the way! Jeff Simpson is our life. I thank and praise God for sparing him. His work is not finished and I promise you God, he will not let you down!!

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