Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thankful 2016

We are just one week away from Thanksgiving! I will have you know that it was 70 degrees here in Michigan today! It has been one of the loveliest falls I can remember.  I am certainly thankful for awesome fall weather! So, when I think of all the things that I enjoy about blogging, this list is certainly at the top of the list. I went through past "lists" the other week and oh my, what a walk down memory lane. The same themes are present: faith, friends and kids but the stories, they evolve and change right along with us I suppose. goes it for November 2016

10. A great boss. I appreciate how fortunate I am to be supported by an awesome manager in my work place. I have had plenty of previous jobs where this isn't the case and it is horrible. I really can't imagine juggling the already difficult task of full time mom/wife and MSW without a supportive manager!
9. Netflix. This always seems to make the list. My days can be long and oh, so sad. To be able to retreat to the comfort of my bed and unwind with a show truly is one of my top forms of self-care. I can forget about death and dying, abuse and neglect, injustice and politics and escape to some of my favorite places through Netflix!
8. Small group. We've been involved with our group for over a year now and it continues to bless us beyond measure. Not only do we grow together in our faith but we have so much fun! This summer we went camping and last weekend we raked leaves for some folks and it was a blast.
7. My kid's teachers. Our kids go to a wonderful school where the teachers really pour their hearts and souls into our children's education. They are with our children more than we are and I couldn't ask for better role models!
6. Co-workers. I love so many of the people I work with. We share the same sick sense of humor and the same struggles. We trust each other and we get each other through the toughest of days.
5. My new car! In February I got a new Ford Explorer and lordy be do I LOVE driving a new car. After driving an old car for years I do not take one drive in my car for granted!!
4. Having more than enough. It is so easy these days to play the comparison game. The truth is I am blessed beyond measure but I can be the biggest brat when it comes to always wanting more. JUST ASK MY ACCOUNTANT!
3. That brings me to my accountant, aka my JEFF. My everything. The one who keeps me real and loves me, just as I am. What more could a girl ask for?
2. My kids. Matthew, my first born, rule following, thoughtful, sports obsessed, funny, only boy. Caroline, my feisty, smart, artistic, organized, friendly, funny, creative middle girl. Ellie, my lovable, sweet, determined, sometimes hesitant and always snugly baby girl. They are the reason I do anything and honestly, they have revealed every short coming I have ever had. I am a better person or at least trying to be a better person because of these three. I pray everyday that I am not screwing it up too badly and pray daily for grace for the task I have been given.
1. Faith. This will always be my number one because it is my everything. Everything I do or don't do is impacted in some way by my faith. 2016 was the year in which I always want to remember that I found my way back. I stopped ignore that still, small voice that was trying to tell me that I wasn't the best wife, mom, friend, christian I could be. I am thankful for ALL of the lessons that 2016 held, even the incredibly tough ones. Some days my faith in my God and His promises of forgiveness and redemption were the ONLY things that got me through. With all that is going on in the world today, I am so THANKFUL that I am right with my God and my faith. Something tells me I am going to need it, in different ways, in 2017..and beyond.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Take the time to think of what you are thankful for, what you cherish, what you value. Love your people, and tell them that! Enjoy the blessings and your life and find ways to help those who may have less than you. That's my Thanksgiving advice for 2016!

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