Saturday, April 25, 2015

12 years

Jeff and I have been married for twelve years. In some ways it seems like just yesterday that we were all gathered at the Stetson Chapel and then partied like it was 2003 at the Kalamazoo Country Club. In other ways such as remembering our glorious honeymoon to St Lucia or the fact that we've had three kids, job changes and moves it seems that a good chunk of time has passed. I have had the privileged of working with patients who have been married sixty plus years. Each time I encounter these individuals I try and soak up as much wisdom as I can. I am simply in awe of two people being in relationship and living life for that long together! I always ask, "What is your secret to marriage?" Every.single.couple has said that communication and not sweating the small stuff is what held them together. Twelve years in, I completely agree.
Jeff and I have had a growing year in our marriage. I certainly acknowledge that twelve years in, especially in this season of smallish kids and the busyness they bring, it is very easy to get restless. The fact that Jeff and I have a solid ability to communicate has hand's down preserved our marriage this year. I can tell my husband anything and he is always there. Some of the things I have admitted to him over this year, I will tell you, would have made me question whether or not I was worthy to be his wife. So loving. So forgiving. So full of grace, this is my husband. What a lucky girl. We went to dinner tonight, with the kids, for wings and beers and over the chaos I looked at him and said, "So, twelve years in, why are you glad I am yours?" He said,as only Jeff Simpson can, " Because you keep my life so interesting!" and then chuckled a classic Simpson laugh. Truer words have never been spoken. I am grateful for a partner that continues to believe the best in me, that aspires the best for our family and that truly knows my intentions and helps me become a better me.
My goal for our marriage this year is to appreciate all I have. I spend a lot of my time wishing that I had a better marriage, better kids, better me. Why?! The life I have has blessed me beyond measure. Am I perfect, Is Jeff perfect? No. Do we make mistakes everyday..for sure. But, we love each other. We are committed to every day and every year and to whatever this crazy life brings us. I can't think of anything more amazing to appreciate and nurture than that!?

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