Tuesday, February 03, 2015


Two blog posts in the same week, what is going on?! Lots on my mind, that is what. I have only one night left at my job in the ER. I can't even think about it too much because I am so, so sad to move on from what will certainly be one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. But, as I said in an earlier post, this change is needed for our family. I am excited but nervous. New people, new challenges, new patients, a new level of social work practice. The kids will have to adjust to more daycare, which they will be the first to tell you, they are not thrilled about. The weeks will be crazy as we adjust to these changes in the morning and afternoon while still having the craziness of our winter sports to contend with.
There are lots of good changes to look forward too as well. Sleeping at night, every night! Being able to go to hockey and soccer and all those other sports. Cozy Sundays at home. SLEEPING AT NIGHT!:) I think the kids will get used to after care and I am hopeful that we will find a great nanny to help us out this summer. Jeff will certainly like that I am not exhausted and able to help more with the routines of homework and bedtime. I am sure there will be some hiccups, and maybe a few tears, but six months from now I hope and pray that we will all say, this is better, this is good, this was right.
And if not I know one thing for certain I will forever be grateful that once again I am SLEEPING AT NIGHT!(Can you tell I am over the moon about that change?!)

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